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Ray Almond

Listen to Ray’s interview  – Courtesy of BBC Radio Essex

Ray Schofield-Almond was the official filmmaker for the War Research Society for many years. He has always been interested in photography and film-making. Like his father and stepfather, he served in the military, followed by the diplomatic service ending his career as a company director in the City of London.

Using modern filmmaking video techniques, he is responsible for filming, editing and producing your video. He makes films of the highest quality and standard, reaching veterans of all wars and many others with a similar interest.

Ray’s own story of family discovery was recorded by BBC Essex in 2004.

His father, George Schofield, was killed in 1944 during the Battle of Venray in Holland. Unable to discuss her husband’s death with her newborn son, Ray’s mother married again and it wasn’t until over 50 years later, in 1999, that Ray met his father’s family. Events culminated in an emotional reunion with the man who was with his father, George, when he died.

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Ray’s father,
Sergeant George Robert Schofield
Royal Ulster Rifles
Killed 1st November 1944 at the Battle of Venray, Holland
and buried in Venray Cemetery.