Our Files for Downloads

All our videos are delivered via a download link. Once the film has been bought and paid for via Paypal you will be sent an email with your receipt. You will find a download link in your ‘My Orders’ page that once clicked on will start a file transfer. These files can be very large and will take time depending on your network connection. If you close your browser during this transfer you will stop the download and the file will be incomplete.

The files are mostly in an MP4 format and will play with commonly used software like iTunes, VLC, Windows media player.

This link may help you if you need it.

The use of the terms uploading and downloading often imply that the data sent or received is to be stored permanently, or at least stored more than temporarily. In contrast, the term downloading is distinguished from the related concept of streaming, which indicates the receiving of data that is used near immediately as it is received, while the transmission is still in progress and which may not be stored long-term, whereas in a process described using the term downloading, this would imply that the data is only usable when it has been received in its entirety