Battlefield Video News November 2014


In this World War 1 centenary year of 2014, Ray Almond is announcing a redesigned!

Our website has been redesigned for you to make cheap and easy digital downloads of our original, unique battlefield films!

You can now download our recordings of a number of Commemoration Ceremonies of major battles of World War 1 and World War 2 such as the “70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden” from 2014 with live enactments and Veterans’ interviews. These films often feature veterans taking part in the commemorative events.

We’ve got a breadth of film topics and styles to interest everyone! These range from Pilgrimage Tours of famous battle sites to an entire film featuring a reflective visit to the American Battle Monuments and Cemeteries from WW1 and Oradour-sur-Glane.

We are continually travelling to find interesting footage and uploading original and specific films of the battlefields, cemeteries, monuments and commemorations as they happen, so keep checking back to see what we’ve added.

All financial transactions are handled by PayPal so you know your money is SAFE.

Our site, is the only place you can find such original and unique films recording the different ways we remember those who have given everything for freedom.

We are currently editing our films of:

World War Two

  • Colditz Castle (both as it was at the end of the war and as modernised today into a hotel)
  • The Italian Campaign
  • The Dambusters
  • Stalag Luft III (The Great Escape)
  • The Battle of the Bulge
  • Berlin
  • Dieppe

World War One

  • Gallipoli
  • Raising of D51, the WW1 British Tank, in France
  • Armistice in Ypres
  • Battle of the Somme
  • Armistice on the Somme