Ultimate Sacrifice – Normandy

World War 2

June 6, 1944 – a day that changed the course of history. It is the day that the Allies, consisting of American, British, Canadian and French troops, invaded five beaches along the coast of Normandy. With the invasion, the liberation of France and the end of World War II became possible. It is because of D-Day that the world we all live in today is possible. However, the freedoms of today didn’t come without a price.

This footage records the beaches as they are today with map overlays and some archive footage of the original battles. The film features Omaha and Utah Beaches where US troops landed, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches where the British, Canadians and French landed, as well as St Mere Eglise and Bayeux (first towns liberated), Ouistreham, Caen, Pegasus Bridge and Cafe Gondree (first house liberated) and Juno Beach showing the first house liberated by sea landing forces.